SPIDI® Facade systems


We are becoming more and more demanding – also with regard to the facade of a building. To a high degree it is the system behind the facade that is decisive for a perfect outer shell. That is why architects, builders, authorities and facade builders value the SPIDI® facade system so highly. Because SPIDI® fulfils every demand with regard to safety, appearance, stability and economy.


The SPIDI® facade system was developed in collaboration with the most renowned cladding manufacturers and therefore allows every kind of ventilated facade, such as e.g. fibre cement, high pressure laminates, glass, metal, natural stone, ceramic facades, etc. to be mounted.


The SPIDI® facade system is available in high-tensile aluminium, special anti-corrosive steel and stainless steel, and consists of patented wall supports together with load-bearing profiles designed for the individual facade cladding, as well as the necessary means of fixation, such as dowels and screws approved by the building inspectorate.


With the computer-optimised design of our SPIDI® wall supports, a high load-bearing capacity is achieved with a relatively low dead weight.  Due to the special design of SPIDI® any wall bracket can be used both as a sliding point and as a fixing point. This makes mounting much easier, faster and cheaper. Combined with low material costs SPIDI® facade system becomes the optimal solution for your facade.

The SPIDI® facade system complies with the relevant standards and laws. On request we offer on-site technical analyses and trainings and organise the preparation of certifiable static designs and assembly plans.


SPIDI® planning documents (AutoCad – details) are available for all types of cladding to assist your planning. If you are interested, please use our inquiry form. You can then download information from our website 24 hours each day.


If you want to know more about our SPIDI® facade system, our engineers will be happy to advise and assist you.


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