The back-vented metal facade with SPIDI® system


Arwag Tower, Vienna (A)

Metal as cladding-material for back-vented facades opens up numerous facade design options, because a wide variety of materials can be used. On the one hand, it is possible to select from a wide range of materials such as aluminium, zinc or composite materials, and on the other hand various design elements, such as smooth, corrugated, trapezoid facades, siding and cassette elements, offer a broad range of options. This diversity of design options makes very high demands on the fixation system.
The SPIDI® facade system meets these demands in terms of the availability of both aluminium and galvalume (high-quality, aluminium-zinc galvanised, corrosion-proof steel), and in terms of the ability to delivery any special profiles tuned to match the individual design variants.

Composite aluminium slabs consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a synthetic or mineral core. The slabs are 3, 4 and 6 mm thick. Composite aluminium slabs are manufactured in a continuous production process with variable core thickness depending on the slab thickness, and then cut to size.
The painted slabs are delivered with a protective film. Temperature resistance ranges from -50°C to +80°C.
Back-vented composite aluminium facades make a significant contribution towards improving noise insulation.
The linear thermal expansion is determined by the thickness of the aluminium cover sheets. At a temperature difference of 100 K, the dimensional change is 2.4 mm/m.



Assembly systems:


3D model - AL-SM-V


Composite aluminium slabs riveted on vertical SPIDI® max bearing structure



Gasometer, Vienna (A)

Design example - AL-SM-V                         
Gasometer, Vienna
Facade surface: approx. 4,000m²







3D model - WB-SM-V


Corrugated sheet facade on vertical/horizontal SPIDI® max bearing structure, mounted diagonally



Hotel Messe, Vienna (A)

Design example - WB-SM-V                        
Hotel Messe, Vienna
Facade surface: approx. 4,500m²







3D model - RH-SM-HV


Titanzinc lock plates mounted vertically on trapezoidal sheet metal on rounded, conically arranged, horizontal SPIDI® max bearing structure



Arena, Salzburg (A)

Design example - RH-SM-HV                       
Arena Salzburg
Facade surface: approx. 2,900m²





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